We Can Make a Movie for You

Daisy Slayer Films has created a number of original feature length movies. We have a number of projects completed, in post production and again in pre production. All of our movies are original and available for distribution. From thriller to sci-fi, faith and family to horror and television pilot to documentary, we are in a continual place of new projects.

We would be more than happy to create a feature length movie for you. We only make them here where we have the crew and staff, along with the relationship with the community, so any screen play you may have, needs to fit in one of our locations. For a low as $100,000 we can make a movie for you, so you can get in the film business. If you do not have a screen play, no worries, we can have one created just for you. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to see if what you have dreamed of can be made by us.

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    Northern California is our work place. We are thankful for the support of www.filmshasta.com with our projects. From permitted streets and mountain locations the opportunity to create feature length movies in this area is a dream come true.

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